one year

can i just fedex everything to new york?

aaaaaahhh!!!  all this reading of blogs and stories of people moving to new york is making me so excited!  they make me want to do it tomorrow!  sigh…if only i wasn’t stuck in this lease for another 10 months, I would totally do it.  actually, had i sweet talked my landlord into a 6 month lease i would have gone in even less time.  oh well, i will manage, and as i manage, i will save more money. which, by the way, is happening, but i also keep spending.  damn you Borders and your going-out-of-business sale!

anyway…the lastest fears and decisions to make.  right now i am harping on whether to take ALL my things or sell everything except what i can fit into my car.  most online sources say sell everything i can and just go with a bag.  but being 31, having 3 pets, and having a work kit, that’s really hard to do.  i would love to take my car (another issue in itself) and load that up with anything and everything and just go like that.  but i am sure i will miss SOMETHING.  but i guess, i can live without it or replace it or have my sister fedex it to me later…

there is just so much to decide on for this move.  i guess that’s the responsible adult in me talking.  seems like most people just drop everything and go and pretty much start life over in NY.  i’m sure it will be a lot like that for me, but i am still a HUGE planner and have to plan all my moves beforehand.  it’s just how i roll 🙂

the article that had me most interested today was this blog article below.  it was written by Sarah Protzman Howlett, who documented her daily struggles in her move to NY for the first 2 years and published a book about it….something similar to what i am hoping to accomplish here…

this particular excerpt from her blog is her personal opinion on whether or not to move to NY with or without money socked away


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  1. Thanks for the props, Nicole! I want to be the first to tell you about my brand new book, taken from my blog’s most popular posts. You can buy it here — I encourage you to keep pushing toward your NYC dream!

    February 23, 2011 at 11:51 pm

    • no problem! i am looking for all the advice i can get and i like what you have to say…definitely looking into getting a copy of your book! thx

      February 23, 2011 at 11:57 pm

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